Help Others, Be Rewarded

I do not know about you, but when asked if I could use some extra money, the answer has never been “no”. Whether you need additional funds for pending holidays, home projects, emergency repairs, kids (braces, college, clothes, everything and anything), investing back into your business, or for pure enjoyment purposes, there are always ways to allocate some extra cash.

Luckily, OPG has a quick and easy way for you to earn some additional income while also helping friends and colleagues – the OPG Referral Program. If you have worked with OPG and have a business associate that could benefit from our many services, all you have to do is refer them to OPG. If they engage with OPG, you get paid – that’s all there is to it!

There are different options to meet the different needs of clients.

First, is the Referral Program. This is simple – you refer someone, if they purchase services at a certain level or above, you receive a percentage referral fee based on what that customer spends, for life – easy as that!

Next is the Partner Program. In this instance, OPG will basically act as the surrogate development department for an organization. This allows companies to offer greater services to their clientele and increase their own revenues. For example, a web design company may have the capability to create amazing websites, but not be able to offer other tech services to clients – such as database-driven platforms, custom Google applications, or content management solutions. By partnering with OPG, a provider can create more satisfied customers without the infrastructure and costs of expanding development resources internally. The partner will receive a percentage payout of all revenues received from qualifying projects. Additionally, OPG can work as a ‘trusted partner’, visible to the client, or in a ‘branded’ white-label fashion, working under the partner’s brand.

So if you know someone who could benefit from any of the great OPG services and like money, refer a friend today and earn some extra cash!

Written by Curtis.