Is It Time to Reinvent Yourself?

Almost daily it seems, trends change and evolve. Whether it’s hairstyles, fashion or technology. However, while most of us change up our wardrobe, hair color, style and tech gadgets without much thought or hesitation, how many of us take the time to look at our company’s brand and the face it shows to the world?

In today’s times, everything is done via the web. Prospective clients will typically search online for the services they need before ever making a phone call or coming in to meet us. So, while our professional wardrobe and personal appearance is always important, our company’s website is what potential client’s see first and will typically shape their impression of us. As the saying goes……” you never get a second chance to make a good first impression!”

When was the last time you evaluated your website? Is it user friendly? Is it modern? Is it safe? Is it responsive?

Last year was all about web animations, conversational interfaces, and even brutalism which pretty much rejected mainstream web design altogether. While brutalism is beginning to reach mainstream status, this year most experts believe it will be all about moving towards more creative layouts, voice user interfaces, variable fonts and creating sustainable design. Illustrations will take center stage and sites will begin to focus even more on the customer experience, page transitions and the use of more organic and oblique shapes.

Does your website properly showcase your company, it’s brand, it’s mission and its attributes? If not, or it’s just been awhile since you changed things up (maybe your colors are stuck in), we are here to help. We have an experienced staff that can guide you through the process and help your site reach its full potential.

We can help your company put its best face forward!


<code>What We’ve Been Up To</code>

Ahhhh, the list of what hasn’t would be so much shorter. It has been a busy month here at OPG and this is just a small taste of the many highlights that the team has accomplished for our clients recently.

  • We Just completed a massive DB to DB migration for one of our client that converts the data structure from a legacy platform to a new slick architecture. This will support the new enterprise platform we’re building for them.
  • OPG has just finished up work on an amazing project which helps to assist doctors in preventing overdose and bad medication interactions in their patients. A huge step forward with more enhancements to come.
  • We developed a full featured, custom elasticsearch integration for one of our Magento e-commerce clients. The timeline was exceptionally short and while there were challenges to overcome, the OPG super heros pulled it off. One more “call for help” successfully answered!
  • We have assisted one of our clients with increasing their customer reach with a brand-new marketing site. Tight timeline, but we pulled it off.
  • OPG has completed efforts on a project that will pave the way for a unique approach to supporting those in retirement homes and providing care.
  • We are diving into a new project that will enhance the visibility of our client’s certified individuals and promote them to potential employers/contractors.

So many exciting things happening for OPG and for all our clients (aka. Our Partners)! Cannot wait to see what the next month brings!