Introducing Square Payments for Magento

Extension for Seamless E-commerce Credit Card Processing

Hate dealing with the headaches of having two different credit card processing solutions for mobile and online? You’re not alone.

Now imagine for just a minute what life would be like if you had a solution to this problem. Managing your sales would be easier…reporting would be easier…you’d save time and money…your stress level would decrease. Sounds good, right?

Finally, there is a simple, low cost, easy way to have just one credit card processing solution for mobile and online.

For only $149*, you can use Square to process in person sales as well as all of your online sales through your Magento ecommerce platform. You will also get 1 year of FREE extension updates and exceptional and responsive support via support tickets. Support can be renewed annually for $49.

Awesome News – Now available in Australia!

Purchase Square Payments for Magento by OPG Today!




The best mobile credit card processor: Square


An awesome ecommerce platform: Magento


The thing that makes the solution possible: Square Payments for Magento by OPG

Key Features

Allows those who use Square for in person credit card processing to use the same credit card processing system (payment gateway) for their Magento based online store.
There are no changes to the customer experience. The seamless integration will have customers making a purchase online with their credit card just like they would with your current payment gateway or any other.
The extension supports Magento 1.6 up to the current version.
Square Payments for Magento is certified and compatible with Magento Standard checkout, and all IWD Agency free One Page Checkouts.
Payment Trial Feature: Administrators can test out the process and make purchases as customers in Trial Mode without actually processing the credit card.
Live Mode: Will process credit cards.

Purchase Square Payments for Magento by OPG Today!

* Note: No refunds after 90 days