OPG Featured in Content Migration Planning Article

Sometimes it’s nice to use experience to help others.  The team at The Writers for Hire reached out to OPG to find out about some best practices surrounding content migration and OPG was glad to help.  In the end, we are all in this technology world together and OPG is glad to offer insights as you consider your own content migration project.

Check out the article here: “Content Migration Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare: Best Practices for a Smoother Transition.”

OPG picked out this favorite quote from the article:

There is a lot of application of the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” when it comes to data migration. The short version is test early, test often and be sure that all stakeholders have a role in the process including the go/no go decision for production release. If this process is utilized, the post migration testing should be more topical and more of a “confirmation” that the data that was seen in the testing phases has successfully reached production. Of course, each migration plan has its own unique nuances, but if proper testing ahead of production release is performed, post-production release testing should be considerably smaller in terms of effort.

-Andrew Dean

As always, OPG stands ready to help any organization, large or small, with its own content migration project.  Let OPG offer its experience directly to your team for a smooth and seamless content migration, no matter whether you have 100 pages of content or 50,000 pages of content.