We’re Making Connections Like Cupid

In February, we celebrated Valentine’s Day and here at OPG, we often feel like we’re doing Cupid’s work. Okay, so we’re not actually making “love” connections but we are in the connection business…we connect our clients with other businesses, systems, databases, and anything else that can be dreamed up. Here are some of the connections we helped make last month.

We were busy connecting a client’s system with Slack to provide a seamless integration for their users to go back and forth between the client’s portal and Slack, while also having a single sign-on to make the end user’s experience easy.

We connected a client’s website with Here to provide accurate maps for points of interest for specific locations.

Another client needed to automate what was previously a manual process of receiving job tickets in anticipation of a large influx of jobs from one of its customers and customer subsidiaries. We took on the task of connecting our client to their customer’s API in order to automate the job intake process, thus saving them countless person hours that would have otherwise been required.  

So, if you have a crush on another business, database, tool, system etc. that you want to work with, we are happy to pull out our bows and arrows and get to work to make that connection a reality for you.