Choosing a partner to help in the development of any technology solution is not a choice to take lightly.  You need a firm with experience, honesty, reliability and an absolute commitment to your project’s success.  While there are a lot of marketing pieces and web pages floating around that work to woo your checkbook their way, you have to ask; “Is this firm working for what is best for them or what is best for my business?”  If the answer isn’t clear with whatever firm you are considering, we suggest you move on.


Here are just a few key reasons why time and again Open Professional Group brings projects to a successful finish line on time and within the budget established. Talk to us to experience our commitment to your project’s success.


Our team has an uncanny ability to understand and support your needs.  We start with an understanding of your business and the unique way in which it operates and we then look at solutions that can fit within that business process.  We are usually not only in the ballpark with understanding, but we often are sitting just a few feet from home plate.

You Own What We Build

You paid us to build it; you own it.  It’s that simple.  When we finish up your project you have full ownership and are given a copy of the source code, documentation, database structure and everything else.  This way, if you decide to do something with it down the line that doesn’t include us, you can.  We are acting on your behalf, so naturally, you own what we create.

100+ years experience

Experience is a big part of our magic.  With over a hundred (yes, 100) years of team experience in the development and successful deployment of web database solutions; we have the real world, sometimes painfully earned, experience to get the job done successfully.  Our team has been through hundreds of projects from small and simple to highly complex multi-phase, multi-year deployments.  Having been through so many projects and bringing each to a successful end with real value to the client; we can put that experience to work for you.  There is no “on the job learning” with our team.  We are ready to help your organization today.

Excellent Service

Excellent service is a concept that every member of our team embraces.  We recognize that support and service for your projects are well beyond a vendor-client relationship.  As a technology provider, we are a member of your team and we know the responsibility that comes with that so we operate as though we are just another part of your staff to ensure that you have solutions that are right for your organization; not just the thing we think we can sell to you.  In many cases, that will mean we may tell you NOT to add a new feature if we can’t make the case for the business value.  Now, that is unique!

We stand behind our work

Yep, it sounds strange these days, but we actually do it. Every solution we develop is backed by our full team, for as long as you need us.  If something we developed isn’t working the way it should, you need to add something new, you hire someone new and need to train, or most anything else, we are here to support you.  That’s true now, or five years from now.  We think of ourselves as part of our client’s team, and we stand with you for the long haul.

We are Timeline Hawks

A key to project completion is to know when things will happen and to ensure that when they are supposed to happen, they do.  Our project managers are timeline hawks, not only for the tasks that we own but for those that you own as well. We will keep the project on the timeline, adapt as necessary, but anytime we will shift a delivery date, whether it is our responsibility or yours, we’ll keep you informed as soon as we know it. It’s simple, we hit our dates and we work hard to help you do the same.  If we tell you it will be ready on Jun 12 at 5 pm, it will.

non-technical approach

As business people, we take a very non-threatening, non-technical approach to technology solutions (sounds weird, right?).  That means that whether you are the administrative assistant, the VP of Sales or the CTO, we will work with you outside of the “alphabet soup” and make sure, at every step, that you understand what we are recommending or communicating.  This means that since we don’t speak “geek” to you, you can be involved in every step of the process.  This alone ensures project success as much as any other component.  After all, if you don’t speak the language, it’s hard to have a productive conversation.  So, we just speak plain ol’ English.

Our motto: Business before Technology = Success

There is no way around this formula when developing custom database solutions.  If we don’t start with your business and understanding how whatever you need will fit into your existing work processes; the project will fail. It’s an absolute and no matter how much someone tries to say otherwise, we’ll refer to our 100+ years of experience.  We are business professionals who happen to love and work with technology.  If we understand your business, we are certain we will produce a successful solution to your business challenges.

Open Source Technology Focus

We focus our efforts on the use of open source technology platforms for any solution we create.  That doesn’t mean we can always use them, but we try.  Since most times we can use open source tools, that means no licensing for you, ever.  This alone increases ROI dramatically.  Oh, and did we mention that open source platforms are more secure than many of their proprietary licensed counterparts?  Well, they are.  So, they are free and more secure.  Can’t beat that!

We're honest

Not much more to say.



If you are still not sure, take 15 minutes and talk to our team.  Even if you don’t end up engaging us for your needs, we are certain that we will be able to point you in the best direction for your solution.  There’s no pressure and no obligation.  Talk to us for a few minutes and find out if the “people” behind the technology are a comfortable fit.