«You have arrived» to Laravel

Over a year ago, at OPG, we decided to move to Laravel as a primary framework for new PHP application development. The last couple of years, the popularity of this framework is constantly growing. And, according to Futurehosting, 2015 may see the Laravel PHP Framework overtake all others as the leading PHP software development platform.

Before working with Laravel, most PHP developers have worked with the other “players.” I personally worked with Zend, CodeIgniter and CakePHP, but every time I had a vague sense of dissatisfaction.

I always thought that there should be a way to solve problems simply and elegantly. I wanted to find a framework on which I would enjoy writing a code. My objective was to be able to learn the framework inside out and program on it, create something new. I think every carpenter has a favorite hammer, so for a programmer to desire a best framework is quite natural. Working with Laravel, I realized I had found what I was looking for. Perhaps that is why the Laravel’s symbol became the slogan «You have arrived».

From the first day until now the framework surprises me. It easy to get help from community when running into a problem. Somebody is always there to assist you. I also can easily find any tutorial I want.

To my mind, the fifth version is the version to use to get started with Laravel. Laravel is the most interesting and promising project in php-community lately. It is nice to see how every day it attracts more and more supporters.

Laravel is a really nice solution for all PHP project needs, from very small to enterprise level. Laravel has proven itself to be a powerful framework for PHP application development and a framework that can be trusted for many years to come. And what everything boils down to is the quality and “workability” of the code, which keeps developers interested and enjoying their work. Happy developers are productive. Happy developers write good code.

Laravel is the future in PHP development and continues, every day, to impress developers around the world with its power, function and capabilities.



Written by Sergey E.