Are You Thinking Payment Gateway?

Are you wanting to move your business to the internet during these current times? Are you concerned about how you will accept payments and keep your customers’ information secure and prevent any possible liability you may have by storing any of this data? Payment gateways can be your best solution and provide secure methods of collecting data and processing transactions while limiting your liability, if not removing it completely. Many popular options include:

Each of these gateways offer public/private API access or SDK’s (software development kit), which can be utilized to implement into an existing site/system. Options like PayPal have other methods where it redirects the user to their gateway for processing, which means little coding and no need to implement an API. CMS (content management system) systems like WordPress and Magento have payment gateways either built in or easily integratable via a plugin or third party extension. For systems using frameworks such as Laravel, there are packages available to download and install to make it easy and fast to implement a gateway.

One of the recent implementations OPG provided for a client required the use of a custom gateway with an additional application process. This payment gateway was developed and designed specifically for SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms. Each client of the SaaS platform is able to freely apply for the new custom payment gateway for use in accepting payments from their customers. Some of the more advanced features being implemented include handling refunds via their dashboard easily and effortlessly, along with many others. This gateway required detailed and specific coding to allow for it to be added to a very complex and large codebase.

Regardless of the system in use, big or small, there is always a solution available and the payment gateway providers are making it easier and easier to implement their solutions. Chat with one of our reps today to learn how easy it is to implement a payment gateway into your system today!

Written by Luke