Open Professional Group began in 2005 as a small group of technology professionals with the singular goal of creating relevant, cost-sensible software solutions for its clients that would be custom developed to meet the existing business processes of each client. That vision is still the foundational view of each member of the team today. The core team was originally made up of three technology professionals which had worked in the industry for several years before creating Open Professional Group. After learning the right and wrong way to approach technology solutions, the group decided to create an organization that put the needs of its clients above all else and committed to developing solutions that have a true business impact with a very real, very clear return on investment. This model has shown to be very successful for the clients of Open Professional Group from the first project forward.

Headquartered in the middle of the Baltimore/Washington corridor the firm is a powerful resource for technology and software solutions with a specific concentration in open source technologies. Open Professional Group also focuses its efforts on web-based database software and design solutions to ensure that its clients receive the most value for their investment. Its consulting group is made up of a highly experienced group of professionals committed to the satisfaction of its clients.

Open Professional Group is an expert team of professionals dedicated to developing, deploying and supporting web based software solutions ranging from simple e-commerce to advanced business data management. The expertise of the Open Professional Group is concentrated on using state of the art database and programming technologies to support these sophisticated applications.


To create satisfied clients. To have fun. To create a better quality of life.


Our industry-leading timeline for a turnaround will ensure that you get the quality database software solution you are looking for without having to wait for months or years for finality in your solution.

Open Professional Group’s outstanding team has the credentials and experience to help you solve critical business challenges while weaving technology into your existing work processes.



Open Professional Group services begin with a detailed, non-technical planning process which leverages the extensive consulting services and business backgrounds of its leading consultants. By beginning with an approach focused on management and business process in a non-technical way, Open Professional Group ensures that the final solution desired meets the exacting specifications of your unique business operations. As we say, “Business before Technology = Success.”