Web application sos

Sometimes, you need help.  Sometimes, things go wrong.  
If your web application needs emergency service; let’s talk.

Are you stuck with a web application or database that someone else built and now you have a problem or just want to make changes? Try our web application SOS service! This is designed for anyone who needs “immediate” support or assistance and doesn’t have time for all the pleasantries of our marketing consultations. If you are in a bind, reach out to us and we’ll throw you a lifeline. We will jump on the phone with you and perform a quick assessment to put the fire out. From there we can determine what options are best moving forward. No one plans for this, but it happens every day and our team is ready to assist.

Because the nature of “emergency” service is a tricky one, we will work with your team to determine the most critical needs and priorities. Once we know that, we’ll get you an estimate and dive in.

To help us get to work faster, it is a huge time saver if you can gather the following information, or at least as much of it as you can:

  • FTP/SFTP Access to the servers you need us to work with
  • Control panel logins for your servers (if available)
  • Database logins for any databases (if you have them, often we can get to the databases via the above control panel)
  • SSH (Secure Shell) Access, if available
  • A quick overview of your system and its history (just a few key points to help us know what we are working with and how you have gotten to this point)
  • A list of any immediate needs
  • A list of needs that are not emergency in nature

We know it isn’t much fun when you have an issue with your web application and there is no one to turn to.  But, give us a call at 800-897-5709 to talk to a project manager or send us a note and we’ll get that knot out of your stomach.  Help is here!