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What’s Open Professional Group up to these days?
Are You Thinking Payment Gateway?

Are you wanting to move your business to the internet during these current times? Are you concerned about how you will accept payments and keep your customers’ information secure and prevent any possible liability you may have by storing any of this data? Payment gateways can be your best solution…

Reasons Why Project Management Matters

Whenever you embark on a new adventure, whether it be a vacation, a business trip, a home or work project, or even a routine trip to the grocery store, typically you have some type of planning involved. The booking of flights, itineraries, or even a simple shopping list is how…

So You’ve Been Hacked

It’s that moment we all dread, when you finally accept the fact that – yes – you’ve been hacked. In the time it takes you to read this blog, a dozen sites will be broken into. An attack occurs approximately every 39 seconds – that’s over 2,000 attacks per day….