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What’s Open Professional Group up to these days?
So You’ve Been Hacked

It’s that moment we all dread, when you finally accept the fact that – yes – you’ve been hacked. In the time it takes you to read this blog, a dozen sites will be broken into. An attack occurs approximately every 39 seconds – that’s over 2,000 attacks per day….

What is it that you do?

I often get asked, “So where are you working these days?” I always respond “I work for a Web and Mobile Application software development company that…..”, and unfortunately, most times, that’s the point where their eyes start to glaze over. The follow-up response everyone always gives is “So you guys…


Testing? Your website is up and running, but why test it you may ask? Testing is an important part of understanding your platform and making it work for you. Yes, everything may work as you expect, but whether it be a quick change or large overhaul there are always places…