Importance of Communication During Software Development

Throughout my time at OPG I’ve come to learn how important communication is across the board during the software development life cycle. As a project manager, one of my jobs is to be the central hub for project communication and organization. I work with the dev team to be sure your project is moving along smoothly but most importantly I work with our clients, gathering information and feedback to be sure we can make their ideas come to life. To make that happen, collaboration and communication are key, that’s where you come in.

Though most of the work is in our hands, you and your team will play a role too. You’ll be the decision maker and the “first user” for your new platform. When making decisions it is key that OPG has at least one contact that can be the decision maker and main point of contact. The same goes for when you and the team begin to test your new platform. This will ensure that everyone is kept on the same page throughout the project’s lifecycle.

As your project moves through the development process, there are ample opportunities where your thoughts, feedback, and expertise are needed to help OPG build your perfect platform. From the initial discovery phase, where you’ll help us envision your big idea, to one of the many testing opportunities you’ll have, and the iterations to come from them. There are so many times when your insight and opinions are needed along the way to help OPG make sure you are happy with your final product.

Feedback is our best friend in this business. We want to know what you like and don’t, and if you have another brilliant idea, we want to hear it. We welcome your feedback with open arms. It helps us push your project to the next level.

Here at OPG, we are happy to guide you and be your partners through what may seem like a complex process of building your vision into something tangible. Your idea is where we start… Reach out, we’d love to talk!

~ Ryan