Refer Another Company to Us and Earn Cash for You or Your Organization!

Open Professional Group understands that relationships are the most important part of any business. And, we value each client we have the pleasure to serve.

Since you already know us, you know best how we take care of each and every client with personal care and attention. You may already have told your colleagues, friends, and business associates about our services and we want to thank you for it. That’s why we have created the Open Professional Group Client Referral Rewards Program.

The program is simple. If you refer another organization to us who does business with Open Professional Group, you earn cash. You can earn from $500 – $2500 for each and every client you refer (depending on project size)! And, you get to choose whether we give the benefit to you personally or to your organization! What could be better? Not only are you helping the organization you refer but you are picking up a benefit also!

There are no limits on the amount of money you can earn and if any client you refer to Open Professional Group engages us in the future within the terms of the program you’ll get paid again!


As a quick reminder of the services we offer, here is a short list to help you to determine who you know who might need our help:

Almost any business has a need for the web and software services offered by Open Professional Group. Some needs are small and our team is ready to assist each and every client with exceptional care and attention. You can be 100% confident that anyone you refer will be treated with professionalism and attentiveness that will reflect exceptionally well on you.


It always helps make a great connection if you can mention to your colleague that we will be contacting them.

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