From start-ups to established firms looking for a re-design, our design services group has unmatched expertise in developing highly functional, results-focused solutions for all phases of the business. From brainstorming and planning to mobile wire-framing and full presentation design, our team has the expertise you need to set your firm apart from the competition.

Four Stages of the Design Process

Examples of the Design Stages

RunHero wanted to create an application that allowed for group food runs. The first order of business was to meet and discuss options, sketch out ideas and then once agreed, to follow up with blueprint Adobe Illustrator files.

USA Direct, Inc. had been around for a decade. They had grown from a business that was started in the basement of the owner’s townhouse to several hundred employees serving many Fortunne 500 clients. Even being listed as one of the INC 500 Fastest growing companies in America…twice.

After learning about their current and future markets, we also learned how they had made plans to expand their brand from physical direct marketing campaigns (paper) to digital. This provided an opportunity to refresh their brand from their original logo (directly above).

The result was a brand that reflected their American heritage, and their ability to assist companies with their growth. Success.

Those Green Guys had grown from the owner’s initial concept Those Garage Guys. As they began to revamp people’s garages they saw opportunities for potential remodeling and eventually assisting their customers in creating a greener, more energy-efficient home and saving money at the same time.

As continued fine-tuning their marketing efforts, they learned their best approach was to offer homeowners a truly free, no-obligation dinner. However, they believed their presentation could be more impactful, and we stepped in.

When finished, we were not only able to deliver a presentation they were thrilled with, but we even updated their logo in the process. Something we’re sure made their competition green with envy.

The beta of RunHero was created through a multi-step process from brainstorming, to blueprints, to HD Mocks, to alpha prototype. At each step, we built the minimum viable product to gain insight and learnings in order to keep costs to a minimum and to maximize insights.

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