Data Migration


You have a shiny new database system. How the heck do you migrate all that old data?

It’s a common problem these days. You have hundreds or thousands of spreadsheets of data. You have a new database or web system you wish to power with all of this rich data. What to do? Call us at 800-897-5709 x125. Our team is experts at the normalization and integration of data from system to system. We use a number of advanced tools together with a common sense approach to accurately bring your old data into your new data system.

If you have a ton of data in an old system that you need to get into a new system, you have a challenge. If you have thousands of spreadsheets of data that you want to finally unify and bring into a database; you have a HUGE challenge. Our team can help in both situations. We use a method for data migration that mixes technology and brain power. Believe it or not, sometimes the “elegant, pure geek” solution isn’t the best one. Amazingly, use of simple tools and the human brain often is faster, more effective and far less costly that use of neat-o tools that only the developers love. Of course, if we need to, we have and know those tools well. But, we want you to see the distinction. We have your interests in mind first. And, the goal here is to get the data moved from the old system or environment to the new accurately, not to make the process harder than it needs to be.

Since every single data migration project is different (and we do mean different) this is one of the few services we offer that requires some discussion before we can tell you much about if we can do it, how we can do it and what the investment might look like. If you have ever been through this process; you’ll understand this instantly. If not, no worries; just give us a call or request more information and let’s talk about it. We are pretty sure we can get the job done we just need your help to understand how.

Data Migration Expertise Examples

Here are just a few examples of data migration projects we have successfully completed. We have others; just ask and we’ll gladly provide them.

The truth is, any system you build it only as good as the data that is inside of it. Let Open Professional Group’s data migration experts help you move that data accurately, quickly and at a reasonable cost.

For more detailed information on the OPG migration process, please follow this link.

To find out how we can help with your data migration needs, give us a call at 800-897-5709 or request a quote.Or, if you aren’t yet sure, use our live chat at the bottom of this page to talk to us right this second!