Assurances Through Transitions

Accommodations for life as we knew it, even within our day to day lives it seems, keeps changing – if but only slightly so. During the COVID-19 pandemic, an area that has seen incredible growth is “digitization.” Everything from remote customer service, to the use of AI and machine learning to improve logistics, has had an incredible and notable surge. Healthcare is a noteworthy example as well, with telehealth coming into its own. To accommodate and survive, businesses have even offered delivery services as a standard, and its frequency and availability have become a “norm” for almost everywhere in the US. With so much change on the flipside of worry during these times, what assurances do we have in this changing environment of ours, to be able to stay positive throughout it all? Both within the workforce, and as a “consumer?” And is it important to do so?


Research shows that when people work with a positive thinking mind, personal performance on nearly every level – including engagement, productivity, management, and even creativity – improves. A more positive thinking mind equals a more productive mind. So what does that mean for those who are forcibly having to adjust to this now “changed” environment, both physically and mentally? A KFF Health Tracking Poll from July 2020 found that many adults are reporting specific negative impacts on their mental health. These included: difficulty sleeping, increased eating, increases in alcohol consumption, and worsening chronic conditions due to worry and stress over the pandemic. According to a survey from Enterprise Technology Research (ETR), the percentage of remote workers, though, is expected to double from 2020 to 2021. Big tech companies are now paving the “roads” to make remote accommodations a more permanent option. Twitter told employees in May of 2020 that they could work from home indefinitely. Square adopted a similar policy around the same time and allowed employees to work from home indefinitely as an option, even after offices were to reopen. Facebook’s own CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees in May of last year that “many will begin working remotely, indefinitely”, and plans to “keep it that way”. With all of these companies adapting to survive and thrive, do any assurances not only for workers but clientele, exist?

It is safe to say that the next “normal” is going to be very different. In fact, future generations will likely discuss our current time as a transitioning period between the pre-COVID-19 era and post COVID-19 era. 2021 and the years surrounding can then no doubt be dubbed the “years of transition.” Any individuals, businesses, and society as a whole can (hopefully) begin to look forward to shaping the future, rather than just persevering through the present. As consumer confidence returns, however, so will the spending! At least, that’s been the experience of nearly all previous economic downturns. One noticeable difference is that some services have all been but crushed through this pandemic. The bounce-back will more than likely be observed with those particular businesses- such as restaurants and entertainment venues -in mind.

No doubt then, we feel in general, and during these times, “safer” at home – with a limited amount of exposure and risk to harm either ourselves or others. But if you are anything like me, you are craving to get back out and enjoy some things that unfortunately may only remain in our memories. An entire way of life has been changed with very few assurances given regarding the return of our remembered normalcy. In the name of safety itself, society as we know it has and will continue to undergo, transitions. So, what assurances through these transitions mentioned might you have with OPG?

OPG continually delivers a standard of excellence that keeps consistency in mind, with an already remote operating staff. The deliverability and efficiency are a continued team effort, with key core concepts fueling businesses in this time of need. So many, as mentioned, have taken a turn for all things remote. From the workforce itself to the timely and expected delivery of services, or the whole operation entirely. OPG stands by to assist in taking what was consistently good and making it consistently great. So that safety, reliance, and positivity can take precedence in day-to-day operations, without the inevitable stress of this new world hindering productivity, quality, or customer assurance. You can have nothing but positive assurances through these momentous transitions with OPG.

Written by Joel G.