Does Design matter during the software development process?

Designers publish articles regarding User Experience, or UX, almost daily. These publications typically provide topics involving the latest prototyping tools, detailed tutorials on design, and interesting discussions on today’s design trends. UX design becomes much more than a whiteboard, collection of post-it notes, and wireframes when it comes to a real product development process.

To create a great product, it is essential that the UX designer be a part of the team throughout the development process. They form a bridge between product management, the client’s vision, and software development through collaboration between the teams during product development. Ideally, UX design specifications capture the entire product team’s wisdom and creativity. UX designers are often involved in the full cycle of software development, working closely with analysts, quality assurance, and, most importantly, the development team. During the development process, unanswered design questions can occur, whether due to perceived gaps in design deliverables or unforeseen technical limitations that require design workarounds. To avoid any inconsistencies and usability problems in the final product, having the UX design team fully involved allows for the best solution possible while having the best user experience in mind.

A UX designer who understands the software development process knows to consider the developer in their design. Small adjustments to a design can provide substantial benefits for the implementation. For example, providing consistent and reusable components can make development faster, freeing up software developer resources to focus on more complex areas. This also helps alleviate costs to the customer during development.

The value of a skilled User Experience designer on the project is significant through collaboration skills, valuable input, and team enablement. The goal of close collaboration and interaction within the design-development team throughout the software development cycle is to create genuinely exceptional products for each client’s unique needs.

Here, at OPG, we create digital products focused on the unique needs of every client. Be it web applications, e-commerce sites, or extensions our goal is to develop successful products for all of our clients. Products that will help our clients to make money or save money. If you want to learn more, contact your Account Manager and they can assist you in getting started creating the best User Experience for your clients.

Written by Natalia