Be an All Around Developer

Years ago web developers were able to get by specializing in one coding language, but today’s web developer needs to be a full stack developer. That is, they need to be flexible and comfortable in numerous languages, including the structure of HTML, style of CSS, functionality of Javascript and PHP, and possibly converting Photoshop or Illustrator designs to front-end code.

The old style developer would specialize and become a master in an area or technology, but today the full stack developer doesn’t need to master everything, because that is nearly impossible, s/he just needs to get comfortable in as much as s/he can in many languages and technologies. This means that the full stack developer is constantly learning new things.

Learning is the best part of this career. That is one of the reasons I do what I do. I love to learn new things, which is something that happens on an almost daily basis. We all have to keep learning, moving forward in our progress and developing new and better things. If we didn’t then we would fall behind in the industry. Every full stack web developer needs to spend time learning completely new languages and new areas of languages they already know just to stay up to date with the new trends and the “next best thing”. We need to diversify, learn as much as we can so when a new project comes in we’ll be able to handle it with ease. The more we know and expand our knowledge, the longer we will last as developers.

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Written by Shawn B.