The New Gem

Technology is constantly changing, out with the old and in with the new. Some of these technologies are so new, professional web developers have never even heard of them. But one new technology has been named dropped at job fairs, in the college classroom, and even HBO’s Silicon Valley; Ruby on Rails is the hot topic in web and mobile.

Ruby on Rails is a framework used commonly in, but not restricted to, web and mobile. Ruby is the object-oriented (OO) programming language that Ruby on Rails is written in and developed in Japan in the 1990s. Ruby on Rails was released in 2003 but recently has became a popular buzzword in the tech world due to the many advantages compared to PHP or Java.

The main advantage of Ruby on Rails is speed and flexibility. PHP has many frameworks, such as CodeIgniter, Laravel, CakePHP and CMS platforms. Ruby on Rails is the dominant Ruby framework. So instead of developers spending time learning to integrate existing plugins or code into the platform, Ruby on Rails users can simply install Ruby Gems into their project and the integration is done for you! Ruby on Rails also includes integrated testing tools and is written in a language with meaningful syntax, it practically documents itself.

Ruby increased by 40% in use from 2009 to 2010 and around 14% of developers reported using Ruby at least part-time in 2010. In developing economies the growth rate is even higher. The most notable company to embrace Ruby on Rails is Twitter. In recent years many companies have been making the switch from PHP to Ruby; if you’re a developer, maybe it’s time you looked into this new framework and take your skill to the next level.

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Written by Andrew B.