Cross Browser/Mobile Testing

Let me start by saying that my background was primarily focused on the hospitality industry and not the software technical industry.  I have somehow evolved into this new world of ours.  A world that is so technically driven that it is hard to keep up with.  How many of us spend thousands of dollars on that college education and end up in a totally different career?  Well that is me.  When I graduated college, I wanted more from the software that I was using.  I wanted it to be user friendly, accessible to everyone and, believe it or not… work for my needs.  Through many years of personal and technical evolvement, I ended up having the perfect career.  I am now in a position to not only be hospitable but also to assist people just like me in order to achieve their goals related to this fast changing technical world.

Through the “technical evolution” years, I quickly learned the benefits of Cross Browser Testing.  There is no longer any way to know the various mixes of operating systems and browser combinations that your customers or end users may have.  We also have no way of knowing if users will be viewing our site via a mobile device or a desktop. However, you can still ensure that your website is accessible and performs to its fullest for all of your users regardless of browser and operating system or method of viewing.   This is why when having a website developed, Cross browser/mobile development and testing are so imperative.  The benefits to this level of quality assurance include (but are definitely not limited to) ensuring consistent and stable cross browser functionality for all users (you and your clients), ease of use and viewing and increased customer usage.   Taking these extra steps will show your customers/clients/users that you value not only high quality, but their overall experience as well.  Here is a link that provides more information on these benefits

Admittedly, I am getting older but I am evolving and so should your website!

The bottom line is this:  Like it or not…ready or not…times are quickly changing and we simply must change with them or get left out in the cold (and personally, I prefer warmer weather).

P.S.  Is it Spring yet?

Written by Tamara T.