Why Should I Pay for That?

When it comes to having to pay for professional web design, many people are likely thinking to themselves “Why should I pay for that?  I have eyes.  I have taste.  I know what looks good.”  In all honesty, a few years ago I probably would have been thinking the same thing had I found myself in that position.

Now that I am a project manager for a company that designs and builds websites, I see things a little differently (to say the least).  Having now been exposed to so many websites (the good, the bad, and the ugly), I can clearly see the benefit of leaving it to the professionals.

Many of us, myself included, are more logical thinkers rather than creative thinkers.  While I can say with certainty that I can match my shoes to my shirt and handbag (most days…after a cup of coffee), I have seen first hand that its takes more than good taste and a good eye to design a website that would keep someone’s attention (especially mine, as I get bored easily).  There are so many things that a professional designer brings to the table that I never even considered.

In the end, it’s all about the look and the feel and your site’s ability to grab a user’s attention and keep it, there are other things to think about.  Does the layout of your site work with your content?  Do the “calls to action” on your site stand out?  Do I even know what a “call to action” is?  Is my website easy to add to/modify later?

Professional design provides so many benefits and can actually save time and money down the road.  You can see several of the potential benefits here:  http://www.antemeridiemdesign.com/articles/10-benefits-of-quality-web-design.php

Bottom line is that while many of us know what looks good (our shoes matching our shirts), we overlook all the little details (the jewelry and handbag) that can make a huge difference.  After all, in the end it’s all about stepping up the style, attracting attention and turning heads!


Written by Cassie N.