Sleep Assist iOS and Android Mobile Application and Data Reporting Platform Upgrade - 2020


The Top-Secret client of OPG identified a need for a native mobile application, built-in iOS, and Android, to support the expansion of its existing Web-based sleep assessment and assistance platform. OPG was asked to design a solution that would leverage the existing web application architecture while extending the functionality with native mobile applications. The objective was to use the platform to assist health providers in evaluating and managing patients’ deep sleep disorders and improving the patients’ sleep behavior through a more tailored approach. Significant changes to the existing web application were required in order to facilitate the new mobile application builds.


The aim of the new iOS and Android mobile applications was to leverage existing analytical platform features and integrate the Fitbit API sleep data into the user-friendly mobile interface to assess and track patients’ sleep data. Additionally, to complement the sleep data retrieved from the Fitbit data source, the mobile application needed to support a robust and advanced “survey” engine allowing the administrators of the platform to send timely surveys to each patient to ask about sleep quality and other details necessary to support conclusions about how to best assist the given patient. The overall goal of the deployment was to use the collected data to improve sleep for the given patient through written recommendations, visual reporting, and other interactive tools.


OPG’s team of expert designers, developers, and analysts came together to design and build custom iOS and Android applications that allow users to complete their expertly guided assessments, view reports on their sleep habits and sleep schedule while receiving sleep tips and other useful information pertaining to their therapy process. The data collected through the app is then shared with the providers supporting the patients’ sleep treatment program and thus streamlining and improving the program’s progress. The solution required a large expansion of the survey engine within the existing platform, as well as the creation of a highly secure API to allow proper communication between the web application and data set and each individual users’ mobile application.


The team at OPG delivered easy-to-use native iOS and Android applications, together with a secure API, to interact with the dramatically expanded web platform logic. Highly scientific reporting and visual guidance were also integrated to both the mobile and web platforms to ensure that patients, and the providers that support them, have the intelligence necessary to optimize the sleep performance of each individual.


Build a modern, user-friendly nave mobile app in both iOS and Android that will bring value to patients and providers of the sleep treatment program.

Develop a powerful and secure API to allow the mobile applications to interact securely with the expanded web platform.

Make improvements and updates to the existing analytical platform to work seamlessly with the new mobile applications.

Securely integrate Fitbit API into the mobile applications to improve patients’ sleep data tracking.

Improve patients’ assessment, reporting, and treatment outcomes for the end-user.

Solve the challenges and limitations being faced today with the current analytical system.

Create a modern system structure that can be easily managed and grow with the company over time.