Can You Solve Key Business Challenges through Effective Integration of Multiple Technology Platforms?

If done wisely and with cost-accounting in mind, expanding your product offerings can be a great way to increase revenue, build your brand, meet the changing needs of your customer, be competitive, and take advantage of opportunities in different market sectors. Whether you’re expanding your product line (variations of your existing product) or creating a brand extension (adding new products under your existing brand), one way of fast tracking this process is to partner with another company that can create products under your brand for you. Of course, while partnering with another company can have great benefits, it is not without it’s challenges.

Providing you have ironed out the details with your potential partner and created a win-win solution for your joint venture, you may still be faced with some operational challenges. One such challenge is creating a business process that will handle the ongoing operations to achieve the goals of the partnership. This usually involves integrating or merging the various technologies being utilized by the two parties involved. This can seem like a very daunting task especially when the systems differ greatly.

Fear not, with a well thought out business process, a technological solution can, in most cases, be accomplished. Open Professional Group is familiar with these types of scenarios and has helped others overcome such challenges before with very successful outcomes. Check out our case study of two businesses partnering up to to create a winning scenario for each and the end customer.

CASE STUDY: A Shopify and Magento Integration