How to Create a Refund or a Partial Refund in Magento 2

If you are a Square Payments for Magento 2 user and want to issue a refund or a partial refund, to your customer(s), you will need to create a credit memo within your Magento Admin area.

Follow the steps below to issue a credit memo:

  1. On the Admin sidebar tap Sales. Then, choose Orders.
  2. Choose a completed order within the table in Order management view and click View in the Action column to see all detailed information of that order.
  3. Now you can see and click Credit Memo. Be advised the button appears only after an order is invoiced.
  4. If you know the invoice number of the order you would like to refund, you can also access the your order through the Invoice option on the Sales sidebar.
    Note: The New Credit Memo page looks similar to the completed order page, with an Items to Refund section that lists each item from the invoice and Order Total section where you post a refund.
  5. In the Refund Total section, do the following, as applicable:
    • In the Refund Shipping field, enter full or partial amount that is to be refunded from the shipping fee. This field initially displays the total shipping amount from the order that is available for refund. It is equal to the full shipping amount from the order, less any shipping amount that has already been refunded. NOTE: the amount can be reduced, but not increased.
    • In the Adjustment Refund field, enter a value to be added to the total amount refunded as an additional refund that does not apply to any particular part of the order (shipping, items, or tax). The amount entered cannot raise the total refund higher than the paid amount.
    • To issue a partial refund enter a value to be subtracted from the total amount refunded in the Adjustment Fee field. This amount is not subtracted from a specific section of the order such as shipping, items, or tax.
    • To add a comment, enter the text in the Credit Memo Comments box.
    • To send an email notification to the customer, mark the Email Copy of Credit Memo checkbox.
    • To include the comments you have entered in the email, mark the Append Comments checkbox.
  6. NOTE: Magento allows for a refund just once. It is not possible to refund a portion of the order on one day, and another part on another day. For example, if there is an order totaling $100, it will be impossible to refund $10 today, and $20 tomorrow – Magento will not allow it. Once an order is refunded, the order is marked closed.

If you still need assistance, please contact our friendly and responsive support team at [email protected] or 1-800-897-5709.

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