The Importance of Customer Service

Do you ever recall hearing, when you were younger, the phrase “the customer is always right”? At that time, it more than likely stood for the employee at your local store and/or mall readily refunding your returned item. However, we have since progressed way beyond that point from a basic level of customer satisfaction to what we have today.

Today’s business entities understand that their very survival depends largely on making sure the customer is not just satisfied, but incredibly happy, and even spoiled. As a response to this companies are becoming even more customer-centric in nature, making the customer the focus in everything they do. Not just with their support centers but also when it comes to marketing, growth strategy, and of course product design.

This type of customer service is commonly referred to as real-time CX, which means that companies like OPG are able to meet their customers’ needs right away, at the moment. This idea of Real-time customer care is really the end-all-be-all of the customer service experience and will determine which companies survive and thrive and which ones will refuse to embrace the change and go the way of the dinosaur.

For most of these companies, including OPG, who have embraced this philosophy, the gap is quickly closing. From the use of live chat and even self-service password retrieval, most common issues can be brought to resolution when they arise, therefore, making the customer feel like they have on-demand access to the resources of the company they are doing business with.

All anyone wants is to feel that they are valued as a customer. Companies that see and understand the inherent value will push forward in their efforts to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Keeping up with the wants and needs of your customers really starts with keeping your website up to date and that is where OPG can help by adding customer management software. We excel at making websites and mobile apps as good as they can possibly be for the customer. Whether that is adding live chat or simply improving email response time, we can help you make your website have everything your customers want and everything you need to succeed as a business.

Written by Shelly