Custom membership management database solutions. We can take the pain out of managing your member database.

One of the core focus areas for Open Professional Group lies in all types of membership data management. From simple membership database systems to fully integrated portals with multi-tiered security; we have the expertise to make management of this data a snap. Every member based organization has the need to track its members, dues, contact lists and much more

Knowing just how to structure a membership system is no simple task. Even if you think that you have the easiest membership structure on the planet, there is always an exception. And, if your membership base has access to your website; that can be a whole other set of headaches. If you are dealing with trying to track your members, their dues payments, their movement from one level of membership to another, pulling member lists, communicating with your membership, etc; we can help. Yes, there are a thousand and one “off the shelf” membership database systems out there, but most of them are built for a structured membership that works the way their system was intended. That often means that “fitting” your organization into an existing system is not only difficult and costly, but it usually means that you have to compromise features or tools that you would otherwise offer to your member base. That, to us, is unacceptable.

We begin with a full understanding of your organization and “why” members join. We then look at the unique way that you handle joins and dues payments. Do you just have one level of membership or do you have a multi-tierd member platform with multiple layers of chapters and affiliates? Those are two very different scenarios and you need to be sure you approach each properly. Once we know why members join and how you get paid, we then review the services, programs and support that each member receives. This often drives the support you will require a membership database. With this and other details in hand, we can then recommend a customized off the shelf solution, a purely “but it and use it” option or a fully custom database to track your members. Of course, our recommendation will always be based on your unique business and workflow processes. As we say, “Business before Technology = Success.”

Custom Membership Management Examples

Here are just a few examples of how we have implemented powerful membership management solutions for other clients.  To find out more, talk to us or check out the services we provide.  Or, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to see if we are a good fit.

We have developed a number of membership solutions for a variety of clients from the very small to the very large.  In each case, we have delivered real bottom-line value across the member spectrum.  Give us 15 minutes and we can see if there is a fit between our two organizations for your membership database needs.

Not sure where to even begin? Not a problem. Give us a call at 800-897-5709 or request a free consultation to find out how we can help with your membership data management needs.