Logistics solutions, vendor tracking and customer reporting. Ahhhh, it can be that easy!

Every organization that moves, ships, tracks or reports on products, parts and other components moving around the world deals with logistics. You have vendors, customers, shipping carriers, local transport partners and many other challenges to deal with. And, often times, every constituent that you interface with either needs to push data to you or wants you to report on data from your own operations for their reference. The big logistics organizations have the resources to sort this out by throwing large investments into technology. What about the small and mid-sized shops? We bet you are struggling with this every day. Does the mountain of spreadsheets just keep growing? We bet you are even seeing staff growth in the administrative (non-income producing) side of your business to keep up with it all. There is a better way and Open Professional Group can show you the path.

We find that most small and mid-sized organizations deal with logistics and related tracking and reporting in the best way they know how; which is often “the way we have always done it.” That is often not a bad thing. If it works; it works. But, if the way you are doing it now creates a customer, partner, vendor and staff frustration due to timing delays, missed details leading to problems in the supply chain or you are just facing increasing pressure by your constituents to deliver real-time information; you have to think differently. You don’t have to be a technologist to make the jump into current technology and we suspect that we can deliver real value to you and your organization for an investment that is a fraction of what you might be thinking.

Solution Examples

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