Day-to-Day Trip Management and Fare Collection for State of the Art iOS App - 2016


Hampton Jitney had a need to develop a mobile application and companion web application to replace their current legacy handheld device application used by their operational staff aboard their buses.  The new application would add features and functionality for the process of trip management and fare collection, while also preparing for the upcoming changes to credit card processing guidelines with respect to embedded chip cards.


The goal of the new mobile application and companion web application is to overcome the current challenges and limitations (e.g. delays to entry of data, inaccurate information, lost revenue) while also bringing other value and ROI, such as reduced staff training time through a vastly improved user interface and device methodology.


A team of experienced designers, developers, and analysts collaborated to build a custom native iPad application with online and offline functionality that allows Hampton Jitney’s staff to manage passenger trip details and collect fares from onboard a traveling bus. The app also successfully passes real time data to the central data systems to allow Hampton Jitney management to use a companion web application to run reports, manage data, and view real-time activity for all of the buses in operation.


OPG delivered an easy to use iOS application that adds new features and functionality that also solves and overcomes Hampton Jitney’s previous challenges and limitations on a modern framework which supports future growth and changes. This, coupled with the companion web application and central data system helps Hampton Jitney successfully manage their day-to-day operations.


Build a modern, user friendly mobile app design that would work for staff traveling aboard Hampton Jitney buses.

Build an online companion application to interface with the central data systems.

Create a secure API that would successfully communicate between the mobile devices and the central data systems.

Add new features and functionality to assist in trip management and fare collection.

Solve the challenges and limitation being faced today with the current system.

Create a modern system structure that can be easily managed and grow with the company over time.