Completed in 2016


A client of ours, who prefers to remain anonymous, had an amazing idea for an application and developed it with a high degree of success. Unfortunately, it wasn’t designed to be mobile responsive nor did it have the type of user experience the client was looking for in their current environment. In addition, there were a number of functional extensions that were needed to move the platform forward. But in order to have these extensions and the platform work together successfully, an “untangling of the Christmas lights” was necessary to reconcile the several different coding methodologies that were used.

The goal was to create a truly branded platform where the user interface and user experience met or exceeded modern standards, while also expanding upon the current functionality of the platform to provide our client’s end users with more value.


OPG began by focusing on the brand update first.

The next step was to look at the existing flow of the application, then to find areas where OPG could make improvements while leveraging the technology and flow already in place.

Once defined, the final UI package went to the development team who untangled the code and created a fast, efficient, user-friendly application.

From this base, OPG then was asked to extend the platform for other user and screening actions, leveraging the UI/UX developed for the primary platform, as well as its logic.


The revised application was re-launched and continues to grow, change, and evolve to meet the needs of its users.


Freshen up the brand

Update the UI to be responsive

Improve the User Experience where possible

Extend the functional areas of the platform for more advanced assistance to users

Develop extension solutions that leverage the platform for other use cases