Completed in November 2015


Pine Valley Farms enlisted OPG to assist them in the development of a complete website “look and feel” that is consistent with the highest level of quality, technology and professionalism. Open Professional Group’s experienced designers and consultants were asked to develop a professional presentation that clearly illustrates the services provided by Pine Valley Farms.


After the initial discussions, Open Professional Group recommended Pine Valley Farms deploy a Content Management Solution, or CMS, for managing all needed “change” elements of their website. Open Professional Group integrated a CMS that allowed a simplified control of such content throughout the company’s website. The CMS included access through the administrative portal to allow control of all content areas of the website without requiring high-level designer skills. Simple editing tools give Pine Valley Farms the control to keep the website updated with current information without having to depend on an outside resource for quick and easy updates. Additionally, all forms deployed to the site as well as landing pages, menus or other content can be controlled through the same simplified interface. In addition to the development of the design and deployment of the CMS, OPG developed a custom WordPress theme to present the content, including a revised logo that is clean and modern. Finally, Open Professional Group worked to migrate and enhance the content for the website, including new and improved photos and an interactive Google Mapping tool, with precise overlays calling out each “field” that is on the Pine Valley Farm.


Open Professional Group developed and deployed the solution ahead of the 2015 Christmas tree selling season, allowing Pine Valley Farms’ customers to experience and interact with the new site during the season. This includes the ability for a user to access the “field map” from a mobile device, and, where the user’s device supports it, use GPS navigation to assist the user in walking from field to field. These types of modern tools, together with an improved overall web presentation met the objectives set forth and yielded a powerful web solution that is focused on driving revenue.


A look and feel that imbues a sense of respectable quality, strength and professionalism.

A positive presentation of the company and services.

A simplified interface that speeds a user to the information that is most important to them.

Limitless pages such as Home, About Us, Contact Us and FAQ pages, all created and powered by a CMS.

Migration of existing content to the new platform.