Eastern VetPath

Custom Built Veterinary Pathology Administrative Platform - 2022


Eastern VetPath (EVP) is owned and operated by ACVP board certified veterinary pathologists and provides thorough pathology reports to the veterinary clinics in northern VA/Southern MD/DC area. EVP approached OPG with a request to assist in the build of a new platform that will provide support for the Eastern VetPath staff and Veterinary hospital customers, in a secure, fully owned environment. The primary focus of the platform would be for veterinarians to keep track of lab samples sent to Eastern VetPath for pathology investigation but it would also be used by Eastern VetPath (EVP) to manage incoming cases and billing, and by partner veterinary hospitals to submit and track cases, and to access past invoices and payments. The key business goals for this project are to improve the day to day business operations, to reduce overall costs for the operation, to facilitate the workflow between the veterinarians, pathologists, and veterinary hospitals.


OPG along with Eastern VetPath identified the following project goals:

Design an easy to navigate, intuitive, and user friendly UI that would adhere to all present web design principles.

Build an administrative platform for Eastern VetPath staff that would allow them to create new cases, access case history, process cases through the Eastern VetPath workflowmanage pricing, billing and invoicing.

Build a client portal for veterinarians that would provide a real time update capabilities on cases and would allow access to submit new cases and review past cases, as well as to review and manage billing.

Build an Accounts Receivable system that would provide the ability to bill the clients of Eastern VetPath directly through the administrative platform, while accepting digital payments for both credit card and ACH.


OPG’s design team designed a simple, clean, and easy to navigate prototype based on the specifications and brand standards provided by the client. The OPG’s experienced team of developers built two portals, one for the Eastern VetPath staff and pathologists, and another one for the EVP customer, veterinarians and veterinary hospitals.

The EVP staff portal is designed to support the work performed by technicians, couriers, pathologists, managers and administrators. The various portal area access is based on user role and permissions determined by the client. The key requirements met by the OPG development team included the following:

The ability for Eastern VetPath staff to “refine” the open case description after it is received.

The ability to support “addendums” to the original report findings for any case.

The ability to produce reports with photo upload capabilities.

The ability to adjust the pricing at the time of invoicing.

The ability to select location and pathologist based on the sample destination.

The veterinarian portal allows access to submit new cases and review past cases, as well as to review and manage billing. The portal provides real time updates as new information is posted by the EVP staff for any open case.

The OPG development team also built a sophisticated accounts receivable system that allows the user to generate pro-forma invoices for review, and to review the created invoices and make adjustments as necessary before finalizing the invoice for delivery to the client. The platform also records any payments made against the invoices. EVP staff is also able to view past invoices, current invoices, and any balances available within their client portal.