National Auto Auction Association (NAAA)

Custom WordPress Educational Membership Platform - 2022


National Auto Action Association (NAAA), as one part of its service to its members, provides members with industry events, safety awareness, and risk reduction training. NAAA came to OPG to support multiple business goals:

NAAA saw a need to have a single member portal for all NAAA educational services that would allow members to store and view information pertaining to the courses and training that they registered for. The goal of a single member portal was to consolidate all educational training and certification information in one place, streamline member access to the educational opportunities, improve marketing efforts, and grow the service to the NAAA constituents.

NAAA also wished to improve web hosting of the NAAA platform to strengthen its security and performance.


The following were key goals for the project itself:

Build an easy to navigate event registration platform with user registration capabilities limited to the NAAA member auction houses.

Improve customer experience through consolidation of access to the educational opportunity information, event search, and registration on a single platform.

Have the ability for NAAA staff to add events, and to review and manage the content and member list.

Integrate LearnDash LMS for course content management and member progress tracking.

Ensure proper separation of the technology for security and performance by moving the NAAA platform hosting to AWS.


OPG built an easy to navigate education and training platform with an event calendar, registration capabilities, and a member account area that adheres to modern UI and UX principles. The new NAAA platform is hosted on elastic beanstalk at AWS that will manage the scale and growth of the NAAA members and constituents. The platform allows for free and paid events, public and member only event controls, consolidation of all training promotions and a central login for users. The next phase of the platform will introduce single sign on integration to multiple training tools both managed by NAAA and from third party vendors.