What is it that you do?

I often get asked, “So where are you working these days?” I always respond “I work for a Web and Mobile Application software development company that…..”, and unfortunately, most times, that’s the point where their eyes start to glaze over. The follow-up response everyone always gives is “So you guys just build websites.” Although true, this is the ten thousand mile-high view of the industry and what we, at OPG, actually do.

So the question bears to be asked, what is the difference between building a website and building a web application beyond the names? When broken down to the core, there is a very fine line between the two. A traditional website is informational. Typically it’s full of content that the owner, whether it be a business, community group, school, or an individual, wants to share with the public. Some of the more ‘advanced’ websites may have dynamic content such as videos, blogs, downloadable content, and the list goes on.

Web Applications, although some are integrated with a traditional website, are truly an application (or software) that is built to be accessed via a web browser that allows a user to perform some sort of action or actions. An easy example of a web application is, in the not so distant past, if you wanted to type up a document, you most likely either went out and purchased a disk to install a Word Processor on to your computer, or you would visit a website and download the program from the internet. Either way, this installed the application onto your computer for you to type your document. This was great, however, you would have to purchase this program and download it for every computer or device that you wanted to work on. Then enters the web application (Google docs as an example). This web app allowed you to do the same or similar functions and type your document from any computer, and from any web browser.

The creation of web applications is where OPG thrives. Although as a company we can pretty much handle it all, the backbone of the company is the discovery, design, and development of complex web applications built to fit the individual needs of our customers. So if you would like more details or benefits of using OPG as your all in one web app superheroes, feel free to reach out and we can gladly provide you the details.

<code>What We’ve Been Up To</code>

It has been a busy quarter here at OPG and here’s just a small snippet of the many things the team has accomplished for our clients:

  • OPG has completed a large infrastructure migration from a traditional hosting firm to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This project included the move of 20 servers and services which provide service to support over 2,000+ different instances and related applications.
  • We have completed and released a new sales kiosk for one of our partners which will allow all of their franchisees to more efficiently sell their vendors products through direct orders for their customers.
  • We have completed multiple content migrations for new clients from an outdated CMS platform to a modern WordPress Deployment.
  • There have been numerous updates and new additions to our clients’ web and mobile platforms. This includes new mobile app builds, expansion of existing web applications, design of new website interfaces and much more! Keeping your platform fresh and up to date is essential and OPG is proud to be a part of the journey for so many clients!

So many exciting things have happened so far in 2020 for OPG and for all of our clients (We like to call them Partners). We cannot wait to see what the rest of this year brings!

Written by Joe