Square – Your Omnichannel Solution To Business

So your business takes credit cards for payments, either in person, or on your website. Do you have a need for running reports to track your business and it’s daily ebbs and flows? We have the solution for you, and we happen to know a team of professionals that can help you make the switch!

Open Professional Group is a leader in Square integrations. To stay relevant and above the competition in our fast evolving world, retail businesses need to deliver a consistent and unified brand experience across all sales and marketing channels. Our stellar development team are the experts at integrating the Square omnichannel e-commerce solutions with a business of any size. We can seamlessly integrate Square e-commerce and API tools into an already existing system, or we can help your business upgrade your systems to support future growth and market innovations. So if you have a need for e-commerce on the go, inventory tracking, client and vendor management, or just looking for a seamless system integration, the team at OPG has you covered. See what you can get with your Square integrations:

  1. E-commerce:
    Accepting payment anywhere, anytime, on any device, no setup or monthly fees, no long-term contract, top-notch security, chargeback protection, fast deposits, online and offline sale tracking, reporting tools, PCI compliance, Apple Pay and Android Pay supported.
  2. Hardware Integrations:
    Accept all major chip cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and magstripe cards, easy inventory setup, ring up items in seconds, create customer profile with payment details for speedy check out, powerful enough for any size business, huge range of features at no additional charge, top-notch security, next day deposits, competitive, custom rates.
  3. Reporting:
    Real-time sales and financial data reporting, customer engagement reporting, financial data by location reporting, employee performance reporting, inventory reporting, access to CSVs for easier bookkeeping, convenient access to your data via web and iOS app.
  4. Enterprise Grade, Scalable Transaction and Inventory Management, Storage and Reporting
    Square has developed one of the most leading edge transactional platforms to drive businesses of most any time. From service businesses to high volume retailers, no matter the size, Square delivers technology tools that change the game. Have a legacy platform that you need to integrate to your new web and mobile solution? No problem, OPG can use Square’s primatives and their highly secure, super fast cloud storage model to enable that in a snap. Want to have a unified view of inventory across all channels but not change a thing about how those channels operate? No problem. Square brings enterprise tools to any business. OPG can help you connect the dots.

So if you have a website that you wish to take advantage of the powerful tools for e-commerce that Square provides, or you are looking to change your POS system and hardware, or if you simply want to have access to your reporting in a cleaner, faster way, why not give us a shout? Open Professional Group is the leader in Square integrations, and we can help you simplify your daily business.


<code>What We’ve Been Up To</code>

Here is a quick taste of the many successful happenings in our web and mobile software work at OPG for the last month or so. We like to feature a few key successes to keep the list short, so this is just a taste of the amazing efforts of the OPG team recently.

  • OPG continues to make significant updates to a client’s mobile application allowing it’s technicians to better utilize their time in the field while making their jobs easier to manage. We recently added functionality that allows for background uploading of the documents and photos, freeing them up to move on to the next job. Techs are now free to move about the task list.
  • We just rolled out a massively powerful, but simple-to-use search function within a client platform. Highly detailed filters and “savable searches” have turned a platform of list after list of data into a super slick “find it all here” solution. The gains in productivity through time savings in reduced clicks and load time would make even Brian Tracy smile!
  • Security issue mitigation and application support for a large beverage distributor that was having issues with their platform being attacked from bad actors. We took immediate action to mitigate the attacks short term and worked with the client to establish a better security plan and monitoring moving forward. Web application security is now shining like a new penny.
  • OPG is putting the final touches on large-scale data migration from a legacy Microsoft Sharepoint/CRM solution into a newly developed platform. Getting all the cones and rods to line up isn’t easy, but the OPG team saw the path through.