What language do you use?

TIOBE (the software quality company), recently published its index from June 2015 (www.TIOBE.com). This index details the most popular programming languages over the last year. Surprisingly, or maybe not, JavaScript had the fastest rise of use with an increase of more than 17% over the previous year. This makes it the “Program Language of the Year”. The next closest language to matching this growth would be PL/SQL, with a growth rate of 1.38%. BIG difference!! With this said, JavaScript still has yet to reach its pre-2010 popularity.

WHAT??!!?? Does this mean anything to you? I can honestly tell you, it’s all Greek to me (or is it Latin?). After being in the sales and management side of the business world for over 25 years, I have taken the plunge into the IT/Tech side. I hear things, mainly a lot of acronyms, being tossed around the office, and I occasionally get lost in the conversation. It can be very confusing!!

However, this is what makes me perfect for this job. I’m an Account Manager here at OPG, and the guy you want to talk to. Why? Because 90% of the individuals that we deal with, don’t speak in acronyms, they speak “normal English”. Sure we’ve all seen Star Trek, but does that mean we speak Klingon? So, just because you use a computer, should that mean you understand the language used to make it work? That’s where I come in. I’m the go-between guy that can help translate the “geek” speak, to plain ‘ol English. I can help you understand, and also help the acronym speakers, understand what your needs actually are.

Give it a try. What’s the worst that can happen? We can learn some Greek together. Or is it Latin??

Image Credit: iStockPhot/enotmaks

Written by Gary S.